Photo Contest Heats Up!

King George shows us how to take that magical flying carpet to dazzling destinations that glow with the truth about us! With the Flying Carpet guiding your adventure you can transform those aimless air molecules around you into a toasty fire and a twinkling crown. And watch those monstrous dragons you’re facing off with become teddy bears before your very eyes!

King George

Step onto the Flying Carpet and into the powerful truth about you. It’s all in Chapter 26.

Photo Contest In Full Swing!

As the photo contest rocks on, Queen Sandie shows ‘em how to chill out in style. A hammock is a great addition to the royal courtyard, where you can always go to have some fun, express your gifts and recharge your batteries.

Swingin Sandie

Read all about it in Chapter 8 and create a 24/7 festival full of your favorite activities, so you feel like a royal kid all the time!

The Realm Photo Contest

A photo contest magically formed in The Realm from the magnificence of my friends and family on Facebook!

PrincessDiAna Photo Contest

Princess DiAna’s favorite chapter in the book is The Fireplace, where she learned about creating a cozy nook in her castle to visit when she wants to feel loved.

She was the first to post a photo on her Facebook page of herself and my book, and so she was the first to get a link to a secret passageway leading right to my first lecture ever on Chapter 4 of The Realm (on audio). What a clever photo, DiAna!