My Mom and The Sparkle 1000

Sisters Race

Powder Puff Race Benefit for Breast Health 2006
Twins & Sisters: Lisa Grant (my twin), Denise Bice (my mom), Kim Marsaw (my aunt) and me

A magical orchestration of synchronicities just wacked me over the head. The message is loud and clear. It’s time to write that script. The special one. The one that has been brewing in me for 3 years, patiently waiting for its time to come out and meet the world. Well, the time is now. This script is based on my real life experience with my mom and her sacred journey with cancer… and with the wacky antics of off-road racing… and with the magical world of unseen spiritual support and guidance that makes my life such a wondrous place.

My mom danced with breast cancer in 2000 and lung cancer in 2008. She released them after gracefully undergoing chemo and lung surgery and inspiring all those doctors and nurses and patients and loving souls she encountered in the process. And today, as I write this to you, she is having a CT scan because something new is visible on her lung. We do not know what it is yet. But we do know, very certainly, it’s time for this script. It’s a wacky adventure comedy full of love and antics, the perfect tribute to an amazingly inspiring woman who has been “the angel who makes things happen” for everyone she touches.

The story is called the Sparkle 1000, set at the world-famous Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico, where the men on the race team get taken out of commission by divine intervention, leaving a mother and her twin daughters to win the race and cure the cancer and save the day… with their bickering, their bling and their brilliant antics. Xanadu is an oncologist who feels totally alone in the universe until her Mom is diagnosed with cancer and refuses to get treatment until Xanadu goes to the race with her. Mary, Xanadu’s twin sister, is bitter that she got the boring name and compensates with her blingtastic 70’s look and a carpet bag full of primping tools that save the race.

Gina&Lisa Racecar

Powder Puff Race Benefit for Breast Health 2006
Racers: me and my twin sister

In my personal life I am in the process of transitioning out of full-time work as an education executive and into my soul’s calling as a soul guide. I help people connect with their souls and I use my MFA in screenwriting, my storytelling expertise, my empowerment book The Realm, my work on the faculty at the Los Angeles School for Spiritual Development, my psychic mediumship and all the love and channeled wisdom I share with my tribe of souls to do it. In alignment with my soul’s purpose, the Sparkle 1000 will bring laughter and hope as it reveals a clear message about what actually heals the body… the soul.

I am writing today to ask for your love and support in any way you feel called. Please join my tribe in a FUN PRAYER for my mom, by making it a point to have extra fun today, and each day between now and Mother’s Day, and send love to my mom while you are doing it.

And, I am raising $3000 so that I can take the time to write this script for my mother by Mother’s Day. Please donate what your heart and soul feels inspired to share.


This story has a destiny of its own and all the doors are opening to bring it to the world as a hilarious and heartfelt feature film. A huge open door comes in the form or my soulful life partner, Mr. Erin Wukitsch. Once the script is written, he will take the reins and make the film! With a masters degree in filmmaking, his huge-like-a-kid-in-a-candy-store passion and vision for the Sparkle 1000 is backed by his talent as a visual artist and director and his expertise in indy film production.

Another layer of magic backing the Sparkle’s destiny is my 20 years of screenwriting experience and all that comes with it… my expertise in story structure, my innate ear for dialogue, especially witty banter, and my love love love of wackiness that is grounded in heart.

These gifts have brought significant accolades to my past projects. I have a L’Oscar winning script, which means it has garnered a “Logical Oscar.” This happened when it was declared similar and equal to Diablo Cody’s Oscar winning script Juno by a member of the Academy and A-list screenwriter. This script was also championed at Sony twice, up for option by two indy producers, and opened doors at Bender Spink, a noteworthy literary agency. Another project, for television, was championed at NBC and opened doors at Josephson of the hit TV series Bones.

There is magic all around this project and I am immensely grateful to get to participate in its life.


Presenting Mentorship Services!

Mentorship Services

Where 2 or more are gathered……… the balls get bigger!

In response to your heartfelt requests, I am thrilled to present my spiritual and intellectual gifts as a soul guide and teacher in an affordable variety of mentorship service packages.

Mentorship is a powerfully transformative process designed to raise your wellness energetically and to support your continued high level of thriving as you discover your gifts and create the meaningful life experience your soul has in store for you.

Through mentorship, I get the pleasure of providing you with the guidance you need to stay connected to your soul and to establish the intimate, committed relationship with yourself that yields the highest levels of joy, power, genius and more.

Affordable Spiritual Services!

Soul Message Reading

I have the pleasure of working with wondrous souls from across the spectrum of financial resources, so I’ve designed my services to be economical while offering an immense value. Each service below is also available as a mix-and-match double session for $100.

♥ Soul Message Reading (20-30 min): $60

  • Receive the messages your soul wants to communicate with you at this time.
  • Two-color, ambidextrous soul candy gram includes…
    • Symbols and guidance presented by your guides to me
      • Left hand notations (symbols, images, sounds, feelings & single words)
      • Right hand notations (explanations and applications of raw materials)
    • Interpretation of individual symbols
    • Interpretation of the whole system of symbols


♥ Sacred Conversation Session (20-30 min): $60

  • Align with the magnificent and magical truth about you.
    • Set your attention on the light.
    • Reiterate the truth about your total power.
    • Acknowledge the total good that is all around you.
    • Receive divine guidance channeled in conversation.
  • Adopt your own sacred thought and talk skills.
    • Be guided to the highest thoughts and words about you.
    • Learn to reinterpret your internal stories for your highest good.
    • Reactivate your willingness to receive all that you desire.
    • Actively intend to choose trust over fear.


♥ Soul Quest Ritual Session (20-30 min): $60

  • Tap in and activate your soul’s true intentions for your life.
    • Follow guided meditations as you quest within.
    • Explore your soul treasures with introspection and graphic organizer steps.
    • Activate the physical formation of your soul treasures.


♥ Guided Meditation Session (20-30 min): $60

  • Follow a guided meditation with your choice of sources…
    • The Realm
    • Native American Animal Medicine
    • Celtic Mysticism
  • Be guided in a spiritual interpretation of your messages.


♥ Candy-Store-For-Your-Soul Ritual Double-Session (60 min): $100

  • Quest within to connect with your soul’s true intention for a chosen area of your life.
  • Activate this dream come true intention with support from your soul’s guides.
  • Create your Oracorn amulet, a unique pendant made of a candy machine acorn containing colorful guidance from:
    • Oracle of the Realm – Roulette Wheel
    • Native American Animal Medicine – Candy Jar
    • Color-Of-My-Soul – Bubblegum Machine


♥ Mix-And-Match Double-Session (50-60 min): $100

  • Choose 2 options from the single-session services above.
  • Connect with your soul’s guidance for double the goodies!