Psychic Development Course

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This is a 2-week online course + 3-hour workshop full of magical fun!

You Are Magical!

The magical wonders of your soul include your psychic gifts and spiritual communication, and this course is designed to help you open them up. During the online portion of the course, we will use meditation exercises and spiritual communication techniques to connect you with your unique psychic gifts and the purpose for them. In the process, you will also explore and align with your soul’s purpose and learn to use the guidance that is always there for you.

Each lesson will include descriptions, pictures and hands-on activities that are easy to understand and magical to explore. I will be available to give daily feedback and answer questions via email.

This two-week online class will conclude with a 3-hour, hands-on workshop where you will have the chance to practice the techniques you’ve learned and test your abilities with a partner. Each person will learn differently, depending on your individual soul’s plan. The goal is for you to discover your unique spiritual gifts and soul’s purpose.

• Learn about psychic energy & abilities.
• Meet & communicate with your spirit guides.
• Notice messages from your passed loved ones.
• Identify your unique magical gifts & skill set.
• Do readings for yourself & others.
• Use automatic writing, oracle cards & mediumship.
• Read energy & signs.
• Heal yourself & others intuitively.
• Align your chakras for maximum energy & clarity.
• Organize energy to create social comfort & thriving.
• Receive help from angels.
• Align with your soul’s purpose.
• Create easy & joyful living.

How the Course Works: 
During this two-week course you will receive 12 lessons. Each lesson will be in PDF form, sent to you via email. One lesson will be sent to you each evening at 5pm. You will have an entire 24 hours to complete the exercises given in the lessons, and report back to me. Each lesson is 2-5 pages long, and should only take 30-40 minutes to complete. The exercises are enriching and can be done in the evening before you go to sleep, or in the morning before you head to work. You’ll have the weekends to catch up if you need to.

2-Week Course + 3-Hour Workshop: $260

Online Lessons Start: Sunday 4/19/15 – 5pm
Santa Ana Workshop: Saturday 5/2/15 – Noon to 3pm

SIGN UP BY: Friday, April 17th (end of day)

Common Ground Spiritual Wellness Center
Address: 550 B North Golden Circle Dr. • Santa Ana 92705
Date & Time: Saturday • May 2nd • noon-3pm

EMAIL QUESTION TO: QueenGG@gmail.com

My Mom and The Sparkle 1000

Sisters Race

Powder Puff Race Benefit for Breast Health 2006
Twins & Sisters: Lisa Grant (my twin), Denise Bice (my mom), Kim Marsaw (my aunt) and me

A magical orchestration of synchronicities just wacked me over the head. The message is loud and clear. It’s time to write that script. The special one. The one that has been brewing in me for 3 years, patiently waiting for its time to come out and meet the world. Well, the time is now. This script is based on my real life experience with my mom and her sacred journey with cancer… and with the wacky antics of off-road racing… and with the magical world of unseen spiritual support and guidance that makes my life such a wondrous place.

My mom danced with breast cancer in 2000 and lung cancer in 2008. She released them after gracefully undergoing chemo and lung surgery and inspiring all those doctors and nurses and patients and loving souls she encountered in the process. And today, as I write this to you, she is having a CT scan because something new is visible on her lung. We do not know what it is yet. But we do know, very certainly, it’s time for this script. It’s a wacky adventure comedy full of love and antics, the perfect tribute to an amazingly inspiring woman who has been “the angel who makes things happen” for everyone she touches.

The story is called the Sparkle 1000, set at the world-famous Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico, where the men on the race team get taken out of commission by divine intervention, leaving a mother and her twin daughters to win the race and cure the cancer and save the day… with their bickering, their bling and their brilliant antics.

Gina&Lisa Racecar

Powder Puff Race Benefit for Breast Health 2006
Racers: me and my twin sister

As a soul guide, I help people connect with their souls and I use my MFA in screenwriting, my storytelling expertise, my empowerment book The Realm, my work on the faculty at the Los Angeles School for Spiritual Development, my psychic mediumship and all the love and channeled wisdom I share with my tribe of souls to do it. In alignment with my soul’s purpose, the Sparkle 1000 will bring laughter and hope as it reveals a clear message about what actually heals the body… the soul.

I am writing today to ask for your love and support. Please join my tribe in a FUN PRAYER for my mom, by making it a point to have extra fun today, and each day between now and Mother’s Day, and send love to my mom while you are doing it.

Presenting Mentorship Services!

Mentorship Services

Where 2 or more are gathered……… the balls get bigger!

In response to your heartfelt requests, I am thrilled to present my spiritual and intellectual gifts as a soul guide and teacher in an affordable variety of mentorship service packages.

Mentorship is a powerfully transformative process designed to raise your wellness energetically and to support your continued high level of thriving as you discover your gifts and create the meaningful life experience your soul has in store for you.

Through mentorship, I get the pleasure of providing you with the guidance you need to stay connected to your soul and to establish the intimate, committed relationship with yourself that yields the highest levels of joy, power, genius and more.